Changes in Swarthmore


Changes in Swarthmore
The last new commercial building built in Swarthmore’s downtown square was the co-op in 2004. Now 10 years later, Swarthmore College’s plan to build an inn with a restaurant and bookstore, to be called “Town Center West,” is coming close to fruition. But one reason it may have taken so long for the plan to reach approval is that it’s not as simple as just putting up a building. While the borough council approved the Town Center West plan at a February meeting, the plan isn’t getting approval from everyone. That’s because it not only affects the residents of the borough of about 6,000, but also the thousands who drive along the south side of the Swarthmore College campus, where Town Center West will be located, on Route 320. At least some have concerns about the traffic flow in the proposed roundabout, which will expect 14,000 vehicles per day.
Source: Daily Times; 3/17/2014


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