How Delco Will Try to Keep Schools Safe in Wake of Florida Shooting

In the aftermath of the devastating school shootings that have been happening, the Delaware County Council Chairman spoke to remind our community of efforts that will continue to be taken in order to keep our children safe in our schools. He mentions that 230 public & parochial schools throughout Delaware County are equipped with a panic button known as the DELPass: “Delaware County Panic Alarm School System”. He goes on to say that a crisis hotline is currently in place for residents and youth to call for counseling. This hotline is also available to residents within the community to call if they know of someone with potential mental health issues that could benefit from an intervention. The number for this hotline is: 1-855-889-7827. Chairman McBlain stated that the police will continue to monitor public cameras around the community to look for suspicious behavior.
The county is considering linking the DELPass to cameras that are currently in place at schools, so that if the panic button is pushed, live feeds would be available to the authorities.

Source of Information: Delaware County Times, 2/15/18.


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