To Withdraw or Not to Withdraw



With the holiday season soon upon us many sellers in the Delaware and Chester County, PA markets tend to think that it is time to withdraw their homes from the market and wait until next spring to start again. There are a couple of different thoughts that may lend to the opposite decision being a better thought.

The real estate market as a whole has changed from the market of the mid 2000’s. Since then we have seen inventory levels rise and the number of active buyers decrease. With this in mind consider that many sellers anywhere from Media, Malvern, West Chester and beyond take their homes off the market leaving less selling competition than other times of year such as spring.

It was also depend on what type of winter we actually do have. It is true not many buyers want to view homes in the snow although some buyers such as RELO buyers do not have the option to wait until warming temps to look at homes. A mild winter with lower inventory levels could be the answer you are looking for.

So consider all options before following the selling herd into the holiday season, and as always if you have any specific questions about market activity and trends let me know I am here to help.


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