There can be MANY advantages to selling your home in the summer… a major one being how easy it can be to show with the proper preparations! Check out my Top 10 Tips for getting the most out of your summer sale:

1. Prepare the Exterior of Your Home for Sale!

One of the BIGGEST benefits to selling your home in the summer is the view from the street with mother nature’s dash of color! A home with a poor or neglected exterior will take longer to sell and will be less desirable to a potential buyer. Spruce up that drive-by look by mowing & watering the lawn regularly (everyone loves plush, green, well-maintained grass!), trim the bushes & shrubs & water the flowers. Folks love to see lots of beautiful & vibrant colors – especially as a first impression! Don’t forget to weed & mulch the flower beds, touch up any exterior paint (including the front door), and seal the driveway if possible!

2. Highlight Any Outdoor Living Space!

What do folks think of when they see a comfortable area to sit? They think of entertaining with friends & family, and summer evenings with a loved one. Many buyers put a premium on a great outdoor living space so highlighting the outdoor entertainment areas is a great way to impress potential buyers. If you’re home has an incredible outdoor BBQ or a large concrete patio, make sure it’s staged! Showcasing to a buyer how amazing a homes outdoor living space is for entertaining friends and family will have buyers lining up with a purchase offer in hand.

3. Address Any Needed Repairs Prior to Putting Your Home on the Market!

One of the quickest ways to scare away potential buyers is to leave the home in need of repair. No matter what season that you are listing your home, you should make any necessary changes on your end to keep the potential buyer from driving down that offer. The best way to reap the most benefit of the sale is to present a home that is ready to move right in!

4. Keep the Home Cool for Showings!

If there isn’t a central air conditioning system, it’s important to make sure the house is still cool during showings on warm days. You don’t want the buyer to be so distracted with the heat that they miss out on the great potential that your home has to offer! To save on that AC bill, try making sure that ceiling fans are turned on, lights are turned off when it’s not being shown, and that blinds are drawn prior to showings.

5. Stage the Home to Reflect the Summer Season!
A great tip for those who are selling their home during the summer is to stage it to reflect the season. Summer staging tips include placing bright flowers on a dining room table, filling window boxes and pots with colorful plants, and having summer scented candles out on display. These options are all relatively simple and inexpensive, but they can make your house stand out!

6. De-Clutter & Depersonalize Your Home!
I’ve said this before about any season that you’re putting your house on the market, and it still reigns true: if the buyer can’t see past clutter or envision themselves in your living space, then chances are they aren’t going to be too interested in taking root. An equally important task is to limit personalized belongings from around the house such as family portraits or report cards on the fridge. These are some examples of ways in which this could take the focus off of your home itself.  Some buyers get distracted easily and will be more interested in seeing what the owners family looks like rather then looking at the features specifically.

7. Be Sure to Hire a Top Selling Real Estate Professional!
Choosing the right agent can make a VERY big difference in how your home will perform on the market. Be sure to ask your potential realtor important questions to ensure that they are very skilled & will be able to get you top dollar in your sale. Some examples of questions to ask are:
1. What strategies do you plan to utilize in my home sale?
2. What method do you use to determine a price point recommendation to your sellers?
3. What is your list price to sale price ratio?
4. On average, how long are your listings on the market for?
It’s important to remember that not all Real Estate agents are the same. You want to ensure that the person you are trusting to sell your home will provide the best possible service to you!

8. Talk with your Real Estate Agent about Possibly Getting a Pre-Listing Inspection!
There are many benefits of a pre-listing inspection; one of the biggest being that it can reduce the chances of your buyer being scared off after your home is already under contract. If you’re unsure about what this would entail or if it’s a good idea, be sure to consult with your agent to evaluate if this would be money well spent.

9. Price Your Home Right…. From the Beginning!
There are a few reasons that this is crucial; the first being that this will determine the initial exposure that your home can get when it’s placed on the market for sale. If the price tag is too high for the value of what the buyer would be getting, this can limit your audience and showings. Another very important reason is that pricing a home incorrectly often results in a seller actually taking LESS for their home than if they were to price it correctly from the start. This happens because an overpriced home generally will sit on the market until the sellers decide to reduce the price to an acceptable market value, which sometimes can take several months. If a home sits on the market for an extended period of time, buyers will begin to wonder if there is something wrong with the home. This typically results in them not making an offer or submitting a low ball offer in the end.

10. Make Your Home Welcoming for Every Showing!
When potential buyers are making their way through the house, it is important to accent great lighting, a comfortable temperature, and a clean atmosphere. Be sure to turn on all of the lights during a showing, open all blinds, set the thermostat appropriately, and clean up after your children or pets. Another nice touch is to leave out a refreshing beverage such as bottles of water, iced tea, or lemonade!

When it’s time to make YOUR big move this summer, be sure to reach out to your favorite Main Line Realtor: Peter McGuinn to receive the BEST possible service, and top dollar for your home!


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