When Is The Best Time To Prep For A Spring Sale?

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Looking to relocate this upcoming Spring? There’s no time like the present to ensure your home is in the BEST shape possible to get the top value! There are so many benefits to prepping your home in advance. From quick sales, to having the upper hand in listing when the time is ideal.. I personally have been a valuable asset to my clients by sharing my experience in home sales and home renovations/flips.

Here are some top ways that you can utilize the winter months to ensure you’ll be in GREAT shape this Spring:

1. Give your property an early “spring clean”. From windows to inside cupboards, a top to bottom clean is a great way to prepare your home for sale.

2. Look after those long-term maintenance issues you’ve been putting off – fix up any peeling paint, get the carpets cleaned professionally (or replaced if they are worn through), replace cracked tiles, clean grout and replace any roof tiles that are cracked or missing.

3. Give the gardens a once over including weeding, removing dead plants, etc. so that your home looks clean from the inside & out. When the warm weather hits, all you will need to do is your plantings rather than all of the clean-up as well!

4. De-clutter by donating or disposing of any items you no longer need – paperwork, kids’ toys, unused furniture. Consider whether you need to replace older furniture or if you transform pieces by using throw rugs or cushions to give your home an affordable “makeover”.

5. Get a pest spray done, especially if you haven’t had one for a while. All of the de-cluttering and cleaning will disturb pests such as cockroaches that may have been in hiding. It’s a good idea to get this done now, so that when it comes time to open your home for inspections, you don’t need to worry about potential buyers finding dead insects.

6. When the weather starts to warm up in the coming months, make sure that you open the windows to get the fresh air flowing through the house. This will help get rid of any smells that may have built up. Keep an eye out for any mold or mildew that may have grown on windows, window frames, ceiling fans or lights and give it a good clean.

7. Have you already moved out of the property or is it currently tenant-free? If so, consider having me come in to ensure your home is looking it’s best with furniture and accessories for professional photos and open homes.

8. Have me come out and evaluate the best possible areas of improvement. I will provide an honest evaluation & will be able to pick up on things that you might not notice, such as a cracked tile in the bathroom.

9. While you have me checking out your home for any modifications, I will also give you an appraisal for what you could be looking at in your Spring sale. This will also help you to get in the ideal buying range so that you can begin to peruse the market once you’re ready.

10. Once everything is clean and presentable and it comes time to list in the upcoming months, I will then do another quick once over prior to photos, ensuring everything is tidy, clean and in place.

Selling a home can be a stressful time for many, but with some early preparation and careful planning, your home will be in tip top shape and may just fetch a much higher sale price than you expected!

Reach out today and let’s get started on early preparations. It’s never too early, and you don’t want to wait until it’s too late!


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